Is Now The Time To Go Electric?

With new laws preventing the use of red diesel in private pleasure-craft set to come into force this year and Westminster discussing the future of inland boat propulsion after 2025, is now the time to start thinking about the future?

The last two years have seen us build a number of electric propulsion craft and take orders to build electric propulsion craft in our future build slots, in fact 4 out of 5 of what we have booked to build in the next 12 months will be electric propulsion.

After extensively testing the options available for electric propulsion we have developed a combination of systems to suit everyone’s cruising needs and budgets. One particular System has a range of 20 hours cruising or around 70 miles in a single charge. Our industry leading electric propulsion system comes with a 10 year warranty!* Our close working relationship with Tyler Wilson has allowed to design a shell that is optimised for electric propulsion. We are ready for the future, are you?